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Friday, 3 October 2014

Happy Diwali Song - All Time Hits for this Diwali 2014

Happy Diwali Song! For all our readers and lovers observing the event, what could possibly be better when compared to a record of 10 classic Bollywood Diwali songs today to love over the parties? For a nation of over 1 billion Hindus and a business that certainly loves to observe any form of event with song and dance, Bollywood has an amazingly low amount of Diwali tunes in its movies. Individuals are almost pining for all these tunes! Yet people barely exist, ones that are much less worth hearing again and again.

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Happy Diwali Song Download 2014 - Latest Collection

To be sure, plenty of wonderful Diwali bhajans exist outside the world of Bollywood (look no farther than Tulsidas classic "Shri Ram Chandra"), a lot of which have outstanding covers by our favourite playback singers. But within the movies? The pickings are lean. I have got a theory regarding the reason why this could be true. Let's consider the case of Christmas as we all know it in America.

So maybe Bollywood is no distinct. Because singing a tune about Diwali really needs Diwali to be an important element of the scheme, the happy coincidence seldom happened-much less with the good fortune of additionally having been an excellent composition. Also, celebrations like Holi for which we can name at least some of Bollywood songs that are excellent, really bring themselves much better to a vibrant and cheerful celebration on screen- musical composition may be a little more relaxed. With Diwali, you are treading on holy earth-and why mess with something -filmi bhajans do way better anyhow?

However, a few intrepid pioneers reigned supreme, and while some are more memorable than others, you will discover a lot of hidden jewels!

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Hope you guys enjoyed my latest collection of Diwali Songs for this 2014, there are a lot of topics like greetings, wishes, sms, poems complete collections for every need do check it out guys.

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